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1) what makes you a sustainable company? 

sustainability is super important to us. all of our packaging is made from recycled materials and should always be recycled after use. we use top quality fabrics that can be re-used through our giveback and, if too damaged, turned into other textiles to avoid waste. we use low-impact dyes which use less water and energy than the classic dyeing process. we are saving all of our unused cut fabrics to use in an exciting way too! more on that later :). 


2) do you use GOTS certified organic cotton?

yes! our cotton is 100% organic and GOTS certified, and the organic nature of the clothes is NOT compromised in the dyeing process. 


3) are your dyes safe for the baby?

yes! the dye house we use is completely non-toxic, lead free, sulfate free, low impact, and low energy. none of the dyes are on the AOZ prohibited list. 

a big reason why we sought out for top quality fabrics and low impact dyes is because of the sensitive nature of lil' babes skin. 


4) can I send clothes back that aren’t clothes that you sell? 

great question. while we believe in giving back always, at this time we are unable to take any additional clothes that aren’t all the babies brand. 

that being said, we are working towards partnerships that will ultimately enable us to give more than just our clothes. 


5) what if the clothes are too damaged to send back?

we ask that you wash your clothes before sending them back. if they are still too damaged to give to a baby in need, we will work through a 3rd party manufacturer to turn them into textiles and recreate the fabric in another way that doesn’t go to waste. 


6) what is your return policy? 

we ask that if you wish to return an item, please do so within 10 business days. every package includes a return card that lists 3 options for your return -- get a new size, return for a refund, or send back your clothes for a baby in need. all returns are free no matter what option you choose!


any other questions? ask away! we are always listening. email us at 


all the babies. 
all the love. 
all the time.